Monday, 4 June 2012

Blog about cooking, for one.

Well since I'm walking around town by myself, I need to keep myself fed to have enough energy to walk those gazillion kilometers. The thing is though, I'm only cooking for myself. It has its challenges because you can't make big meals or else you end up wasting a lot of food. And if the meal is too complex you end up spending too much time cooking and washing a mountain of pots and pans. Plus, if you live in a small flat like me, chances are you have a poor excuse of a counter and a small 24" stove which don't give you a lot of room to play around.

So I decided to dedicate a blog to cooking for singles. This will allow me to show off my cooking skills and give tips (or let you learn from my mistakes) on cooking solo. I will post recipes with pictures and talk about my experience cooking the different dishes.

I hope you enjoy.

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